Xiaomi’s 4K Mi Drone to be Available for Sale from March 3 at $460


Memories of Xiaomi’s 4K Mi Drone seemed to be fading away when the company today suddenly announced the launch date of the second drone. The drone will be available for sale from March 3, 2017.

Xiaomi had made an announcement in the month of May last year. The company had revealed about its first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) dubbed drone. It has reported about two versions of the Mi Drone. One was supposed to have a camera of 1080 pixels, and the other version would be equipped with a 4K camera.

The version of drone that had the 1080 pixel camera was put up for sale in the same month of its unveiling last year. The drone was priced at 2,499 Yuan ($380). The 4K camera version drone was available just for testing through an open beta program that began last year in the month of June.

After a long wait, Xiaomi has finally announced the sale date of 4K Mi Drone. The drone will be available at a price of 2,999 Yuan($460). In case you are looking to purchase an extra battery with the device, an extra 499Yuan($73) would be added to your bill. Xiaomi 4K Mi has a 5100 mAh battery. The battery will last a good 26 minutes when the drone is in flight. An extra battery to the kit would definitely come in handy.

The 4K version of the drone has some superior features than the 1080 pixel version drone. As the name says it all, the drone features a 4K camera. The mighty camera would definitely offer a high-quality picture. There is no change in the processor of the drone. The look is that of a dragonfly. There are four propellers attached that are meant for flying. Since the camera is attached to the base, it can shoot videos at 360 degrees.

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There is a green and a red indicator that has been planted on top of the drone. The lights are meant for visibility to other when in flight, especially during the night.

The drone has been developed to have 4 different modes of flight. A user can set the destination on the map. One can plan a route and instruct the drone to follow it. The user can also set a specific point and send the drone to fly around this center. Finally, with the drone can be set to hover/take off/home/land with a single button.

The Xiaomi 4K Mi Drone has a cool remote control pad that features some cool moves for the drone. The remote control can be connected to the smartphone. The display of the smartphone can then be used as a display to see what the camera of the drone is capturing.

Xiaomi’s 4K Mi Drone will be available from March 3 onwards. The drone will be featured for sale on Mi Home, Xiaomi Mall, Jingdong, Xiaomi official flagship store on Lynx and Suning.

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