Yahoo was hacked in 2013 as well – info of 1 billion users was leaked!


One more hack on Yahoo server revealed how insecure their servers are!

Days are not good for Yahoo. One after another, the company is failing to show some positive side to its users. Back in September 2016, the company announced that its servers got hacked. It caused a leak of the information of 500 million users. The information included names, phone numbers, and address. But, the information of stored cards was safe as it was on another server.

What’s new?

Now, during the security audit, the government agencies informed Yahoo about the breach. They claimed that a set of information that a company is claiming to have comes from Yahoo’s users. The company ordered an investigation. Yahoo found out that in 2013, the user information of 1 billion users got leaked. Again, the names, phones numbers, and address leaked out. But, in this particular hack, non-encrypted security questions were also leaked.

It is alarming for many reasons

With the new announcement, it is clear that Yahoo has been a victim of the 2 of the biggest hacks every reported. Keep in mind that the hack attacks came into light after Verizon decided to buy Yahoo at 4.8 billion dollars. The viability of the deal is now at stake. It will be interesting to see how Verizon is going to deal with these breaches. The spokesperson of Verizon only said that they are keeping an eye on the progress of the investigation. They will not talk about the matter until the investigation is complete.

Yahoo is asking everyone to change passwords

The hack took place almost 3 years ago and was never reported. The company does not want to leave any more doors opened for embarrassment. The company has sent emails to all the suspected accounts to change passwords. Also, they are suggesting to choose either 2-step verification method. Alternatively, Authentication Key which links the account to the phone.

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Yahoo has further advice the users not to reply to any suspicious mail. The company requested to avoid opening any unknown emails until it is necessary. Also, Yahoo has asked the users not to share any sensitive information over the email with anyone.

Yahoo has been on radar for quite some time

The security firms around the world have always talked about how Yahoo lacks behind in upgrading its security from the rest of the world. Such breaches kill the faith that customers have in the product. Laura Martin, senior analyst at Needham & Co. said in her statement that the two breaches show that how insecure Yahoo servers are. They have to fix the problem which they actually never did even after repeated pointing from agencies around the world. This also implies that the assets that the companies has are much less valuable than previously thought.

Yahoo is not alone

Such hacks not only creates a problem for the companies but the information related to the users can also go in wrong hands. A similar attack also happened on the famous Ashley Madison Dating Site which encourages people for extramarital affairs.

The leak not only puts the reputation of the company in jeopardy but it also broke a lot of relationships as well. The company has now been ordered to pay USD 1.6 million penalties over the data breach. This hack was limited to 36 million accounts which are nowhere in comparison to what happened with Yahoo.

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