Yet Another Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone Explodes In China


Incident of Smartphone explosion is not new, We have witnessed so many explosion incidents from Apple and Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion occurred with many users. iPhone users are too gone through the same situation. And now another Smartphone explosion news is surfacing to leave all in deep thought. This is a Samsung Galaxy S7 explosion incident that happened in China. The victim is a student in North China Conservancy and Hydropower University.

The incident of Samsung Galaxy S7 explosion occurred this early morning. It took place in the female dormitory of the said university. And as per the sources, students were still sleeping during then. The phone was kept beside the owner. However, it is still not clear if it was charging or not.

As per the roommate of the victim, the exploded phone was bought in last year September. That is the phone was only 6 months old. It is assumed that the explosion originated from the battery of the phone. The phone is not in operating condition now. Also, the flame from the device damaged the bed sheet and left it in charred.

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The incident was brought to the attention of Samsung immediately. The customer service department of Samsung in China is already informed about the explosion. And they are about to take the necessary action soon. The incident is under investigation now. So, the actual cause of the explosion will be revealed soon by the company. And Samsung will adopt required step according to that. However, it is not communicated yet if the victim will be offered a replacement or not.

Incidents like this are taking place now and then. So, we all need to be a bit careful while sleeping. It is always suggested to keep the phone away from the bed or else put it on the nightstand. Because we never know who is going to be the next victim.

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