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Previewed back in September 2016, Google had announced the launch of YouTube Go on their 18th anniversary in the ‘Google for India Event’.

Google has just released the all new app. YouTube Go is a new app designed for users who are pained by erratic internet connection yet wish to share their liked content from the video sharing websites. The users will now be able to see the videos when they are offline, share them with their choice of the crowd when they are out of data and even download videos to enjoy them later when they are offline.

Emerging markets as that of China, India, and Brazil are the targeted countries for this app. Indian users would benefit from this app before it is made global as there are several places in India where the internet connectivity is either limited or not there at all.

YouTube Go app has already been listed on the Google Play and can be download in India. The app has been listed as ‘unreleased’ along with a warning that it could be unstable. The listing description reads, “YouTube Go A brand new application to download, enjoy and share videos…bina data udae!”

The YouTube Go application comes at the size of 8.5MB and works on Android Jellybean 4.1 and above. The install size of YouTube Go V0.26.67 is 6.77MB. As the app is installed, the users would have to go through the general process of selecting language and location. The app saves and manages data in more than one ways. It allows the users to preview YouTube videos from the thumbnail and gives various download size options for SD and HD quality videos. Since the user knows the amount of data that would be consumed, he can decide whether to watch the video now or save it to be seen later. All the downloaded videos can be viewed in the ‘Saved’ section of the application.

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Google said that the users would now be able to share these saved videos with their friends through Bluetooth. This sharing doesn’t require any data. The video once received by the receiver a 15KB “Internet security check” lets the video to be played. The feature has been tried and it works!

YouTube intends to reach out to as many users as they can and this is where YouTube Go comes in. All the regions that have poor coverage and those that have restrictive data caps can now enjoy YouTube videos just like everyone else.

Johanna Wright, who is the YouTube VP of Product Management, said on an official Google blog that their company always deemed that connectivity should never be an obstacle while watching YouTube.

YouTube also announced a feature for the main app for all mobile phones that would let the creators start live streaming straight from the app. The feature has already been rolled out to the creators who have more than 10,000 subscribers. The feature will go live soon.

For Now all eyes tuned on YouTube Go!

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