YouTube Launches Super Chat: Pay and Pin Your Comment on Live Streams


YouTube will now allow the creators to make money. All the creators that have 10,000 or more subscribers will be able to make cash. YouTube made an announcement on Tuesday about the launch of “Super Chat” that would let the users watching a live stream draw the attention of the creator by buying chat messages highlighted in different colors and continue to remain on top of the chat window for five hours. The higher the payment made, the longer the message stays in the ticker.

Computers and YouTube’s Android app are the only way to purchase the Super Chat. The iOS version smartphones and devices have yet to implement this support. Apple said to take 30% cut of all the revenue from in-app purchases, and this was definitely not worth it.

YouTube has yet to disclose the part of the revenue that it is willing to share with the creators that it will get from Super Chat. The 55% ad revenue generated from the videos goes to YouTube. On one of its support sites, YouTube revealed that the Super Chat revenue will be given to the creators in the same way that they get the ads revenue from AdSense.

In other services, purchasers of virtual gifts and emoji for their liked live-streaming creators are important revenue generators. The point is that the users who have made a gift purchase for their stars can get a shout back from them. stated that the top ‘’ creators collected around $46,000 in two weeks from fan emoji purchasing. Twitch game broadcasting services of Amazon, lets the channel subscribers use enhanced emoji while chatting live with video-gamers. Although Facebook has live streaming ‘Facebook Live’ there are no ways of monetization like the above.

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The minimum purchase that can be made in Super Chat is $1; this purchase would simply highlight the purchaser’s name in blue instead of pinning it to the video stream. Messages bought for $5 to $9.99 will be highlighted in green and can contain up to 150 characters; these messages would stay in the ticker for 2 minutes. A maximum purchase would be allowed for $500 for a message, and up to 350 characters will be allowed; such messages will stay pinned in the live stream for 5 hours. Super Chat messages can be purchased through Google accounts. Payment is accepted through debit and credit cards and Pay Pal in most countries across the globe.

According to YouTube, Super Chat is available in more than 20 countries to the creators and more than 40 countries to the viewers. In order to start live streaming from the mobile app, the users need to select “capture” button, and they can go live straight away. Streamed videos and normal YouTube videos have the same features.

Past few months have been busy for YouTube as they have been working with several creators to test Super Chat and polish it to provide the users with the best possible mobile streaming experience. So test this new feature of YouTube and enjoy!

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